The Ultimate guide to yoga in Newcastle

The Ultimate guide to Yoga in Newcastle


Yoga is becoming increasingly popular and the benefits are widely known for increasing flexibility and calming the mind. We have added a yin class on Wednesdays with Cveta owner of The Yoga Loft Newcastle.

TMC is more than just a gym we are well known for having the best tools to increase one's mobility and flexibility but something was missing from our practice. We had the strength and skills covered, but were lacking a more pronounced element of mindfulness, gentleness - the yin that balances the yang.

The Yin practice at The Movement Collective encourages practitioners to develop a stronger sense about the conscious functioning of the lungs, awareness of the body and observing the activity of the mind whilst nurturing release of the fascia and working into tissue. 

Members are shown demonstrations of varying parameters of each pose before finding their unique expression of the pose. We are trying to move people away from only working on their strengths and encouraging them to take on new and exciting journeys of their movement practice. An example of this is the strong man only working on strength or the flexible girl only practicing yoga. We all need a mixture of the elements that make up the movement practice as we have so much untapped potential in all areas that we want you to uncover. 

The mindfulness component of Yin Yoga explores gentle self observation/reflection. Students are nourished with Cveta’s wealth of knowledge regarding yogic philosophy, meditation, anatomy and The Chinese Medicine Approach.

The Yin yoga class is different to the stretch classes on offer in the ways that it is ground based and focuses on much deeper releases in both the mind and body.

We create so much unnecessary stress for ourselves in our day to day life and regularly practicing yin yoga calms the central nervous system and can be used as a gentle tool to help alleviate such stress.

More and more members are trying the class out each week and witnessing the benefits of the practice for themselves. Come and spend some time slowling things down and giving your body some much needed yin love. 

Soon we will need more yoga mats!