You will die a slow and boring death aimlessly going to the gym every day for fitness sake!

Many people get to a certain point in their lives in almost a panicked state…. Oh shit, I need to workout and exercise haha, Sound Familiar?

It seems to be a big rush once they figure that out and want the quickest and simplest way to the results as fast as possible. So then with a Google search and quick flick through muscle magazine, they realize exactly what they need to do…..

That is start doing bodybuilder style workouts because obviously, that’s how you can look good. Obviously! I would like to also admit that this was me for such a long period of my life. Headphones in listening to heavy music pushing myself to gain an extra inch on my chest and biceps.

Until something crazy happened!

Ok so If you are an actual bodybuilder that style of training is perfect! The best thing for you no doubts about it. Buuuuuuuuttttttt that is a very small percentage of our population, so if you are not a competitive bodybuilder then it really makes little to no sense at all training like a bodybuilder. Right?

Tesla Roadster vs Toyota Prius?

It’s like driving a Toyota Prius when you have a Tesla Roadster in the garage waiting to be charged up and unleashed. It’s ok because right now you don’t even know the Tesla is waiting for you, I want to show you another way and that there is more to the human body than gaining muscle and abs. Not that you can’t have those too :)  

I was heading to the gym every day doing the 4 sets of 6-8 reps of curls for the girls and while I did get the girls :)HAHA  It was lacking any sort of substance

  • Human Connection

  • Passion

  • Fun

  • Creativity

  • Expression

  • Contribution

  • Growth

  • Excitement

  • Playfulness


I needed something dramatically different in my life.

If you knew what you were actually capable of as a human I reckon you would be scared shitless.

It’s time to get scared and level up


Built like a gymnast

Ever seen a gymnast who trains regularly? Pretty impressive right? Ripped, Solid muscle mass with crazy flexibility and skills that would blow any of your party tricks out of the water. These people are on another level. This is why The Movement Collective puts such a massive focus on this style of strength work because you can really have it all.

My suggestion would be to find a local gymnastics or movement facility near you and start making some proper gains that will serve more than your ego and destiny to fill out an XL shirt.


Contact us if you need some advice for facilities in your area