It started when I was 18...

I remember looking in the mirror constantly making sure I was in great shape.

I was putting on size and staying ripped, it was my only focus….. But I felt disconnected, tight and limited in my own body, Something wasn’t right! 

Thinking back I was happy. I was pushing what I believed to be my physical limits. Pumping iron, measuring my body fat percentage. I would stand on the scales at the gym, you know: the old school ones that you had to slide the counter balance to get the reading… I was weighing myself daily, hoping to be 1 kg heavier, looking in the mirror morning and night always hoping to see improvements with my body.

Sometimes it was subtle, i’d just glance walking past the mirror.. Other times, though, we’re talking full on flex-off. Veins popping in my forehead and all. Would I ever be happy with my body? 

I’ve always had high energy and a passionate drive for anything I set my attention to. But this feeling of comparison to others and endless stuggle to improve the way I looked was fucking exhausting. A feeling of treading water every day began to set in. It sucked.

Almost a decade later, one day my mate invited me to take a gymnastics class. I was a bit afraid, as he wanted to learn how to back flip and wanted me to come along…

A BACKFLIP! WHAT?? that’s impossible!! Although we pretty much only trained with weights and bodybuilding, I had always wanted to flip. I had watched martial arts films as a kid… So, although I thought back flips could only be done by younger people with a gymnastics background, I hesitantly said “Yes”

It turns out, like most things in life, the back flip had progressions or steps to lead to this skill. Although I failed a bunch of times I learned from each experience to eventually sticking the flip! 

The flip was the crazy “ah-ha” moment for me, as someone now pushing pushing 30. It blew me away that I was able to learn an impossible skill in a matter of weeks. This really lead me to ask myself… What else am I capable of?  

In the next couple of months, I slowly let go of the grind and daily struggle of worrying about what I looked like and instead focused on what my body could do. I let go of the mirror. 

WOW it seems so simple, however what a power shift in mindset for me

This was the pivotal moment is my life. I realised I could do anything with a powerful environment , the right steps or progressions and solid mindset. With these we can push into our limitless potential. 

Even today, I still can’t believe how powerful it is to be moving my body in complex ways and the effect this has on my life and those around me. 

Movement has had a snowball effect in other areas too. It seems to have been the catalyst for progressing in all areas of my life including career and relationships. I have have seen this shift in many others too. 

Movement can come in many forms, the biggest question is, how are we using it as a powerful tool to improve the quality of our lives?