Welcome to The Movement Improvement Clinic conveniently located at The Movement Collective in Waratah, Newcastle. We care about your health and well-being and about getting your body moving at an optimal state. Our goal is longevity of the human body, and our mission is to have fun while achieving that! 

In our effort to guide you back to your best, we focus a lot on education so that you can fully grasp what is occurring in your body. We want to give you the tools to be able to self maintain so we can make long lasting change! By combining the latest in science of the bodily function and health with traditional techniques and your body’s innate ability to heal itself we are able to achieve incredible results!


Welcome to Newcastle Performance Physiotherapy.

Your reliable source of advice, help and treatment for pain and injury.

All of our team are Physiotherapists and Strength Coaches, so we are uniquely placed to deliver lasting results for long term pain, sports injuries and physical performance goals.

We want to know what your ideal future looks like and we can help you get there.

If you’re in pain or injured, get better.

If other options have failed, get better.

If you’re good, get better.

The Vital Method 

We are a made to order meal service proudly cooking nutritious, well balanced, fresh meals daily, from whole & natural ingredients. Whether it be pick-up or home delivery, our ingredients are sourced locally on the day, guaranteeing optimum nutrient density on your plate. Because we do source fresh daily, some alterations may be made to the days meals. Make your choice from our "Balanced Living" and "Vital Vegan" menus, and let us handle the cooking! With no lock-in plans or minimum order requirements.



The BU Vision: “To impact 1 trillion lives by spreading a ripple effect of positive change”

What BU Does: You know how people have that little voice of self-doubt and stress that sits in the back of their mind and holds them back from living a life of confidence and purpose? Well what BU does is empower people to overcome that little voice by using evidence based techniques and strategies that increase their emotional intelligence. The BU Coaching team are experts in emotional intelligence, human behaviour and cultivating lasting confidence. They are also pioneers in making emotional wellbeing fun and practical.

How can we help?

At BU we’re sick of seeing people treated like numbers instead of as individuals. There’s no way a single “one size fits all approach” will ever work for everyone! We are all too different.
At the end of the day our goal is to empower you to live a life of confidence, purpose and emotional freedom. We know that the most effective way to do this is to fit the process to you rather than force you to fit a process.

That’s why we offer a range of services to best suit you and the results you are looking for

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Whole Being Legacy

At Wholebeing, we believe in a holistic approach to supporting individual health. Beyond any particular modern modality, we draw influence from both East and West to provide tailored services that foster health on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

 Founded by athlete, yogi and massage therapist – Rachel Gaynor – Wholebeing weaves massage, yoga, movement, breathwork, and reiki into thoughtful sessions designed to elevate your health, uplevel your performance & increase your quality of life.

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Katie Holohan Naturopathy

Hi!  I'm Katie.

I believe in bringing you a holistic, client-centered approach to managing your health. My goal is to work alongside my clients using the tools of Nutritional Medicine, Naturopathic Care and evidence - based education to assist in facilitating optimal health and wellbeing.

I practice and educate using an evidence-based approach to ensure  your tailored health protocol, seminar or wellness program will be delivered  based on the most up-to-date scientific research available. 

I spend much of my time speaking to corporate audiences and community groups, and implementing staff wellness programs; however I still thoroughly enjoy working with one-on-one clients particularly in the fields of sports specific nutrition and women and children's health.