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Anti-fragility classes will be run by our Osteopath Damien Cooper owner of The Movement Improvement Clinic.

Damo will run you through a 45 min session teaching the concepts around adaptation of the body to become the strongest, aware and most mobile version of yourself.


What is a movement class? the movement classes incorporate a wide variety of movement patterns such as Gymnastics, strength work and mobility can. Classes have advanced to easy progressions for everyone to take part


This class incorporates a variety of different weightlifting movement patterns. Predominantly the focus for the class is building strength, while maintaining correct posture and employing correct lifting techniques


This class incorporates a variety of different stretch techniques together with some rehab and prehab to improve flexibility of the muscles and stability of the joints. Techniques can include but not limited to passive and active stretches, dynamic, partner and loaded stretching. Use of tools such as balls, bands, bars and weights.


Soft and gentle movement patterns to make sure we have longevity in mind, improving our awareness and physical movement capacity as we age. No one wants to waste away as we get older. Sessions are varied depending on who is in the class, you can expect crawling, basic gymnastics strength, movement games, body mapping, coordination, stabilisation and core work.


As you can see we have a crazy amount of variety in our schedule to allow you to develop in all areas of your physical and mental capacities. To book your FREE discovery session click the link below and lock in your spot.